Monday, April 11, 2016

#SSVBlogNuggets: What do you believe?

"He touched their eyes and said, "Become what you believe. It happened. They saw." - Matthew 9:29 (MSG)

We have always read this opening verse of Scripture in the King James Version (KJV) which has it as,
"Then touched He their eyes, saying, According to your faith be it unto you. And their eyes were opened..."
But The Message Bible's translation hit me right between the eyes, it reads: "Become what you believe"!

Not, "Become what God believes about you", or "Become what God thinks of you" or "Become what God says about you", but "Become what YOU believe". How instructive!

This begs the question, what do you believe?

Do you believe you are good enough, strong enough, beautiful enough to achieve those dreams God birthed in your heart?

Do you believe that grand vision God gave you is achievable?

Do you believe the year will turn out fine?

Do you believe that pain will go?

Do you believe your children will turn out well?

Do you believe your business will thrive?

Do you believe that deal will pull through?

Do you believe you'll have a great marriage?

Or do you believe the good things of life are beyond you, and they're meant for some other people? Be mindful what you believe.

In our text Matthew 9 (MSG) when Jesus was to heal two blind men after raising Jairus' daughter back to life, He asked them: "Do you really believe I can do this?" (v 28), to which they responded in the affirmative. Jesus then touched them, declaring, "Become what you believe." What happened next? "They saw." (v 29). Remarkable!

He didn't say, "Let your sight be restored", or "Receive your sight" or "Be healed" but, "Become what you believe". What if the men had believed something other than their healing? What if they believed something horrible would happen if Jesus touched them? That is what would have happened to them! It would become their reality! Because we BECOME what we BELIEVE.

Someone once wisely remarked, "Whether you think you can, or you think you can't - you are right".

Till today, Jesus is still saying, "Become what you believe". So our question remains, what do you believe about yourself?


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