Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Choose forgiveness, not revenge

Admittedly, it's hard to look into the eyes of someone who has hurt you and say "I forgive you", and actually mean it. The natural human reaction to hurt is to strike back; but that's the easy route! Everyone is capable of that, how about you try forgiveness!
Forgiveness is not natural to us humans, it's alien nature - we've become imperfect beings. It is an attitude that we have to learn and deliberately cultivate. The flawed human nature is rooted in "an eye for an eye" and "a limb for a limb", which would leave us blind and incapacitated eventually.

Why should I forgive, I have been really hurt you know? You might be thinking. Let's consider some reasons, shall we?

Contrary to what some would have you believe, forgiveness is not weakness, it's a sign of strength! As earlier highlighted, the easy route is to seek revenge - it's cheap! Reach higher, try forgiveness! Weak people seek revenge, they tell themselves, 'I can't help how I feel'. Strong people, yes are hurt, but take charge of their emotions, they say to themselves 'I am better than this', 'I am in control of my emotions'.

Also, when you let go of the hurt and allow the urge for revenge fizzle, and even take it a notch higher by praying for that person, you've frustrated the devil's plan! All the devil wants is to steal your joy,kill your inner peace and destroy your relationships - never be ignorant of that. Harbouring revenge in your heart will achieve these.

Another reason we should forgive is you break the cycle of hate in the world when you do! We complain that the world is full of hate, but what do we do when we are on the receiving end of that hate? We just prove that, indeed, the world's full of hate by inflicting pain on others in the name of revenge! What that does is that it continues the cycle of hate in the world, which could potentially consume us all. That's not to say we should allow people step on our toes, no! But our actions should never be driven by revenge.

How about you decide today that by reason of your life, there would be one less hateful person in the world who'll not repay evil with evil! How about taking a stand to try as much as possible to pour love into the world by repaying evil with good!

Importantly also, when you forgive, you'd be emulating the perfect ways of Jesus (1 Peter 2:23) - oh, what our world would be if we all could imbibe Jesus' principles! - and, ultimately, obeying God (Romans 12:17).

Honestly, it can be difficult. Forgiveness is a big ask! But the exciting news is it's possible! We can all attain that level of inner peace and resolve that we would not lose it over anyone and their actions!

How? We must understand that forgiveness is a sign and result of maturity - emotional, mental and spiritual! To be able to keep those boiling emotions in check, and instead, go on your knees and pour out your heart to God over the pain only comes when you mature! And growth is the pathway to maturity; growth is a process, maturity is a state. That kind of growth is only possible with God's help. I have to be deliberate, yes. I have to work pretty hard, yes. I have to be determined, yes. But without God's help, I've signed up for frustration. Without His help, I'd be limited. Admit you need help and look up to God. Indeed, He gives strength to the weak (Isaiah 40:29), and He'll fill your heart with love (Romans 5:5); guard your heart with peace (Philippians 4:7), and give you joy (Isaiah 61:3).

Additionally, you need a change of perspective! First, understand that humans have become flawed beings. We are the personification of imperfection and flaws! Also, rather than feel hate towards people who hurt you, feel compassion for them. And look for ways to try and help them. They are probably hurting, too. And remember, hurting people hurt others. Of course, that doesn't give them the right to hurt you, but it's just what our world has become.

On a final note, you might be wondering, so people who cause others pain will go scot-free? Nah, they won't. You must understand how the world works. It is not in your place to ensure people receive the reward for their actions. The bible remarkably notes that whatever a person SOWS, same he shall REAP. The universe is governed by immutable laws, and one of such laws is the law of SOWING and REAPING. If someone has hurt you, please release them in your heart.

Do not TRAP yourself with all that negative energy. And if they refuse to become better persons, in due time they will meet their doom, with or without your intervention. So do not wait for the person to come asking for it, forgive as quickly as possible - whether they ask or not; whether they realise and admit their faults or not. You'll be doing yourself a world of good!

DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR! Release that energy from your heart, it's negative - forgive! Yes, it's difficult, but it's possible!


  1. Hi, found you through FB at the Group 'Christian Bloggers Network' just now. Thus far I have only read this post and I want to tell you that I was blessed by it, as it reveals a mature Spirit who understands the need and power of forgiveness. I would like to link it to one of my Blog Posts, by way of reviewing this particular Post as excellent and helping others to find your Blog to read other posts as well.

    Feel free to come there and LINK your Blog on the left side in the section which says: ADD LINKS HERE. From what I understand, the more links we have to our Blogs, the more easily the Search Engine will find us and refer us.

    Am delighted to have met you my Brother in Christ...

  2. Recommended this Post on Goggle+

    "I recommend this Blog on forgiveness. The Author manifests a mature Spirit / Attitude with regard to what it means to need to forgive as well as the Gift to ones self as well as another simply by choosing to forgive.

    Being willing, to be willing, to be willing to forgive is a good place to start for those who say 'they will never be able to forgive', or are tormented with vengeful thoughts."

    1. Thank you, Bren. You're totally correct. Sometimes, just the willingness and determination to do is all that's needed.

  3. After living second now at forgiveness has released so much stress. Still there are some forgiveness that I am working through. If I have one thing to remember daily, it is if I don't forgive others my Lord will not forgive me.

    1. Indeed...God loved us while we were in sin and forgave us even before we knew Him. The least we could do as His children is be an extension of that love

  4. Very inspirational. Thanks Michael, forgiveness is good for our physical wellbeing. UnforgiveNess destroys it's carrier. Nice blog.Reading would have been much easier for me if you had dark text on white background. Great job.

    1. Yeah, so true. Unforgiveness is a cancer. Thank you for your contribution.

  5. Forgiveness is good health to the forgiver actually. Thanks Michael.


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