Saturday, April 30, 2016

#SSVBlogNuggets: Let Jesus take over the wheel

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We all have personal struggles. I have mine. You've got yours. But there could be a difference to how we combat 'em struggles - who we allow help us.

Your struggle will overwhelm you if you don't invite the Holy Spirit into it and hand the reins over to Him. Your struggle will break you if you hold on to it, but it can't break Him.

Let go and let God! Trust Him. Lean on Him. Don't struggle alone. Don't struggle in silence!

He's ready and willing to help you. He's reaching out to you. Accept Him. Invite Him in. Hand it all over. Submit to His Lordship.

Let Him take over the wheel of your life and experience how beautifully He steers.

Yes, there will be potholes and gallops, sharp bends and curves along the way, but you can be sure He'll be right beside you, holding your hand through it all.

He's not the kind of shepherd that runs when the lion attacks the herd, no! He stands and defends His sheep.
He's not the friend that runs when you need him, no! He's always there. He never disappoints!

Only never take your eyes off Him, keep your focus on Him. Abide in Him. Abide in His word. Do as He says. Let His word be lamp to your feet, let His word be your life compass!

SSVBlogNuggets is a series of short, precise, thoughtful and informative posts! Of course, all inspired by God's Word! SSV means Still Small Voice. Other posts in the series "Become what you believe" and "How to live an amazing life".

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