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How to maximise the internet to grow in your walk with God (1)

-3 bloggers share helpful, insightful tips

Picture this: you pick up your mobile or your PC, you go online searching for content that'll give you that spiritual boost that you require (and earnestly desire), but you can't just seem to find the right resources.

It seems the internet is saturated by content that pulls you down, rather than build, enrich, encourage, relief, strengthen, inspire, motivate and refresh you.

Maybe it's because you've been looking in the wrong places and there's nothing more frustrating than looking for the RIGHT things in the WRONG places (more on that in this post)...maybe with a little help you can make the most of your time (and data) online to help your spiritual life.

Gone are the days when the internet was a place where Christians dreaded to visit as it propagated everything but the there are loads of great resources and content online to help you grow spiritually.

In this round up post (which is part 1), 3 bloggers share helpful and insightful tips on how to maximise your time online to help your walk with, websites and blogs to find great God-inspired, spirit-breathed content for your soul and spirit...

"It has its downsides, but the internet has been of great benefit to me spiritually" - Mobolaji Olorisade

1. So much has been said about the internet and its impact on young people; what do you think, can the internet really help our spiritual walk with God?
The internet can definitely help our spiritual walk with God, but it also has its downsides.

When I just got born again, I used to fervently pray for Godly friends. After my decision to follow Jesus wholly, I lost basically all of my friends because we became too different. The things we used to do together didn't make sense to me anymore, so though it was tough, they all had to go.

I take the Internet very seriously because, first, it was the avenue God used to finally get me His attention. And it's the avenue God also used to send lovely friends into my life. When I say friends, I mean destiny helpers, sisters, mentors, leaders. The 'iron sharpening iron' kind of relationships.

These relationships have helped me spiritually. I know that following God is a very personal walk, but it's more amazing when you have friends after Christ like you.
Even when you want to slack or when you're discouraged, these people always have a 'God-word' for you.

Also, I'm in a lot of groups (especially WhatsApp). The kind of content shared on these groups are priceless! There's an amazing one called 'Wives and wives in waiting.' The advice, 'faith-words', prayers, and prophecies in that group ehn! They push you to want to know God deeper. When you see married women on fire for Jesus, you as a Single will be gingered (motivated) to know Him more too.

There's 'The Women at the Well.' Amazing young women running after Jesus. There's 'Blossoming', where we're just 4 friends helping one another fulfil destiny and follow God.

If the internet was so bad, then I'd have to count all these groups as bad. And I haven't talked about those on Social media proper. I don't follow just because...
I'm mindful of my timeline and love what people I follow share.
Though we must know when to tune off. Sometimes, I refuse to put on my data or pay for it for a while. Even when it's mostly Christian content I read, there's a tendency to be bombarded with too much. That's when jealousy, envy and discontentment can take root.

Also, sometimes, God just wants us to Himself. The internet can be very 'noisy' and personally, I get deeper revelation in my quiet places - where there's no distraction.

I don't sleep with my data on. This helps my mind settle in the morning and gives me time with God or to do other things before I check the internet. If you haven't started trying that, I hope you do because it's been of great help to me.
Don't leave your data on before bed. So that when you wake, the first person you talk to is God.
It has its downsides, but the internet has been of great benefit to me spiritually.

2. How do you personally use the internet to help you grow spiritually (kindly mention some websites and/or blogs you visit) or how has it helped you spiritually?

Oh well. I think I jumped and answered this question in number one. Lol. But I still have an answer.

As stated above, join GODLY groups. They don't even have to be many. Join a few and make sure what is being shared is genuine and that the Bible isn't being used out of context.

Sign up on Christian blogs and YouTube channels. The world is now a global village, so there's no excuse to be uninspired. When I lack faith, I find articles on faith or watch a message on YouTube. When I feel discouraged, I find messages or blog posts that speak on that.

Here are a number of blogs I love and follow:
It's 31 degrees
Salt chronicles
Conversations with Nissi
Still Small Voice blog (your blog!).

The beauty in all the blogs listed above is that they all have different themes, but the same purpose: to draw people to Christ. Remember the verse that says we're all different parts of one body, that's exactly how these blogs are. Some focus on relationships, some on love, some write Fiction, some on business and fun (still Christian content), etc.

They've all been very helpful. Interestingly, I find more blogs often. People are really coming out to share their faith and that's very inspiring.

Mobolaji Olorisade is a writer, editor and social change agent, she blogs at
Her first book, LETTERS TO OUR FATHERS is available on her blog

"I like to think of the internet as fire....but you can’t say fire is bad simply because it can consume" - Chinyere Anoke (Distinguished)

1. Hi Distiniguished, do you think the internet can really help our walk with God?
When I got your mail, my mind flashed to an interview I had with Mobolaji ( earlier in the year where she asked a similar question. She had asked what I think about the internet; whether it has caused more harm than good. And this was my answer:
"I often say “God bless the people that introduced the internet”. For me, the internet has caused more good than harm. Without the internet, we wouldn’t be having this interview now seeing you’re in Ghana and I am in Nigeria. The internet has helped fast track a lot of ideas, businesses and even in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to the utmost parts of the earth. I cannot deny that there are some negative things that come with internet access but the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. I like to think of the internet as fire. Fire has the capacity to consume but you can’t say that fire is bad simply because it has the capacity to consume. It all depends on how you handle it to help you achieve what you want to achieve."

Till date, this is my take on the matter. My father will say "Ihe onye na acho ka oga afu" (what you are looking for is what you will find). And that's the truth.

Agreed, there are a lot of distractions online but there are also a lot of resources there, that will help our personal walks with God. If you log on to the internet/social media in search of Christian literature or materials, pages, groups or accounts that will help your Christian faith, believe me, you'll find more than enough.

Growing up, I used to be shy sometimes to publicly declare my Christian faith, but the internet and social media makes it a lot easier. The internet even makes it 'cool' to identify yourself with the body of Christ. Now, I'm not talking about who flaunt "Christianese" on their various social media platforms but have no true relationship with our Father (this of course, you can not gauge by merely going through a person's timeline). The point I'm trying to draw out here is, the internet has helped and still helps my personal walk with God on several fronts which include:

a. It helps me locate scriptures easier. Sometimes I may know a particular scripture without knowing the reference and vice versa. With google, which of course is internet enabled, I find what I'm looking for faster. Plus it gives me access to multiple versions of the Bible.

b. The internet gives me access to several local and international preachers and teachers of the Word I may never have heard of or listened to. The closest I would have had is maybe access to their videos, audios and books. But with the internet, I can attend any service I want live, from any location, so long as I have a strong internet connection. For instance, I've never been outside the shores of Nigeria but I've attended some Bishop T. D. Jakes' services in realtime via live streaming.

Also, when I was working in Lagos, I rarely attended my church's mid-week activities, but I never missed out all together because I could follow the services live via the church's twitter handle - @Freedomcourt. There are so many other instances but lemme leave it at this two.

c. The internet helps you meet and network with several other Christians. This exposes one to positive peer pressure, especially for youths like us.
There is a joy and positive peer pressure I feel when I come online and see a fellow youth passionately talking about Christ, his/her burning desire to populate the Kingdom of God or his/her personal love walk with God (Itunu Taiwo of and Frances Okoro of readily come to mind). I literally had an aha! moment when I first came across their respective blogs. I mean they are both young Nigerian youths with similar challenges that you and I face.

Another helpful internet enabled network that daily helps my spiritual walk is my 'meeting' with The Women at The Well ( If I start talking about the tremendous boost these ladies have given my personal relationship with God, this article may not end today, lol.

d. You may find this point funny but I like to think that maybe, just maybe, Prophet Elijah wouldn't have said he was the only one yet to bow to Baal if he had internet in his days. Reason is, I believe that at least 5, 000 out of the 7, 000 prophets who were yet to bow to Baal would have at intervals, updated their statuses on various platforms declaring their solidarity for God. (That's my imagination shaa!). And that would have helped and given Prophet Elijah some hope and increased his confidence.

e. The internet/social media brings you closer to your spiritual mentor. It gives you access to their verified social media accounts where you hear directly from them instead of relying on third party journalists who may add their seasoning to what they originally said.

For example, one of my TWTW sisters, Tope of Life, God & Love, recently featured Heather Lindsey on her blog. This wouldn't have been possible without the internet/social media. Also, Propel Lagos which is anchored by Eziaha of wouldn't have been feasible without the internet/social media. I could go on and on but I believe this drives home the point already.

2. How do you personally use it to help you grow spiritually (do mention some websites and/or blogs you visit to help a Christian make the best of their time online) or how has it helped you spiritually?

I already answered the bulk of this in the first question... Here are a few of the blogs/website that help my personal walk with God, in no particular order:
9. etc

You'll notice they're mostly indeginous... When it comes to blogs, I read more of Nigerian blogs, kinda relate better with them, lol. On the other hand, I read more of foreign Christian books like Joyce Meyer, Kenneth Hagin, T. D. Jakes, etc. Don't think I've read up to 5 books authored by a Nigerian pastor. Don't ask me why, I dunno... but I'm learning to balance out on both ends.

Chinyere Anoke is a writer with a passion to see people live the lifestyle of excellence; that what she preaches on her blog. She is a Jesus lover, travel agent, content developer, ICT person, blogger and motivational speaker.
"The internet is like a can be used in the kitchen for effective work or to kill. It depend on who wields it" - Itunu Taiwo.

What do you think Itunu, can the internet really help our spiritual walk with God?
Yes, I do believe the internet does help our spiritual walk with God if used wisely.
The thing is, the more I see God, the more I see that all things were created by Him and the enemy seeks to pervert things. He's the giver of good gifts and even He gives us the brain we use to make intelligent decisions. The Bible says "ALL things were made by Him and it is by His will they exist".

And so what the enemy of our soul chooses to do is pervert every good thing, inclusive of what God has designed. He doesn't have any originality and so seeks to steal and use things against God's children. It is why the word of God warns us not to be careless about his craftiness and his devices.

Take for example, a knife. The knife can be used to do effective work in the kitchen but some people have used that same tool to kill people. It doesn't mean we would ban knives. It was never the fault of the knife. It's only a tool in the hands of those who wield it. The same with the internet. We can either choose to wield it wisely or allow it ruin us.

This same internet has been used to proclaim the gospel and reach out to people from far. Imagine a world with over 7 billion people. That's a lot! Imagine a world without internet!

2. How do you use it personally for spiritual help?
I try to filter the content I take in from the internet and I read materials from a few sites to prevent clog.

Thing is, at the same time we are trying to be spiritually edified, we need to be careful about overload. There are many people out there and many blogs. Find out what works for you and can help you grow spiritually.

For example: is a very resourceful site.
There are few Godly Nigerian bloggers such as and and
There's also and They are sites that share about Jesus unashamedly and will help boost your faith.

Itunu Taiwo is a modern day girl with Christ-fashioned values. She's a blogger, pharmacist, budding photographer, nocturnal geek, writer and friend. Her latest book, "Love Diaries" is available for download on her blog

How do you maximise the internet to help your walk with God? What blogs and websites that publish great content do you know? Kindly share with us in the comments section.


  1. Discipline is key to harnessing the sweetness that the internet provides. When we are deliberate and focus on the good then good comes to us. For me I could have suffered all alone like Elijah if there was no internet. Blogs like this and those mentioned above,keeps me stirred up in faith.
    In everything we do, do It as unto God. Blogging, researching, reading, chatting, downloading etc.
    Well done ladies
    The Beautiful Eagle

  2. Indeed, discipline is key to maximising the endless possibilities the internet presents to us...we need to clearly define what we want and have the discipline to stick to them. Thank you for your comment, beautiful. God bless you plenty.


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