Friday, April 15, 2016

Live coverage of Daystar Women of Destiny Conference 2016 #WODC2016

Hi, e-family and friends (wondering what that means? If you read this blog, you're automatically a member of our family and friends), trust y'all are good! I'm so excited! We have a great news to share. Something big is cooking. Guess what...

The 2016 edition of the Daystar Women of Destiny Conference (#WODC2016) themed 'The 21st Century Mother' is just a week away! But that's not the big news! Still Small Voice Blog will be bringing you a special coverage of the conference!

Yep, you read right - a special coverage. We'll have a live blog with real-time text and photo updates, best tweets, key quotes from speakers and much much more to give a whole experience of the three-day conference.

Won't be able to make the conference? No problem, we've got you! Just stay tuned, Still Small Voice Blog will bring the entire conference - before, during and after -
to you as it happens!

You'll be at the conference? Great! With our up-to-the-minute text and photo updates, you won't miss a thing even if you were distracted! Plus, you get to share your thoughts and keep track of what others are saying about the conference as it unfolds.

That's not all, as part of the special coverage, we'd have a report for each day's highlights so you can relive the experience. Also, we'd be speaking with some participants at the conclusion of the conference to share their experience and what they gained. It's a full package, and there's so much just have to stay locked here!

So spread the word. Share. Tell every woman you know. Use #WODC2016 to tweet about the conference.

Daystar Women of Destiny Conference is for women of all ages; it's a life-changing experience you don't want to miss.
Lives are transformed. Purposes are discovered. Destinies are recovered. And, ultimately, God is glorified.

Ever attended #WODC? Let us know how it blessed you in the comments.

Click here to learn more about this year's speakers and get full details and schedule of the conference.

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