The idea behind the Still Small Voice Blog is pretty straightforward - to inspire, correct, instruct, and ultimately, transform young people to the image of Christ!

I believe that the closer we draw to God and become like Him; the better, wiser and stronger we become. Beyond that, we find clarity and purpose which enables us better navigate this ocean called life - and, ultimately, our world will be better for it!

OK, why "the still small voice"? you may be wondering; pretty straightforward, too. What better way to draw close to someone than to listen to His voice - the voice that speaks to your heart. What better to become God's split image than listening to Him...!

The Still Small Voice is...

that voice that speaks faith into your heart in times of fear, saying "do not be afraid nor be dismayed for I am with you wherever you go";

that voice that inspires you, saying "all things are possible; you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you!";

that voice that speaks peace into your heart when it gets really rough, saying "peace be still";

that voice that corrects you, bringing you back on track when you wander off with his "rod and staff", as he leads you "in the path of righteousness for His name sake";

that voice that gives you the heads up of impending danger, keeping you from harm, saying "sin lies at the door and it's desire is for you";

that voice that empowers you when you are feeling down because "he gives power to the weak and strengthens those who have no might", so that you can "mount up with wings like eagles and run and not be weary";

that voice that speaks into your heart to calm your nerves, erasing your worry and anxiety, asking "are you not of much more value than the lily of the field or the bird of the air that your father looks after?"

that voice that tugs at your heart gently - like a whisper - but you hear it clearly! It never forces itself on you, it's not overbearing but it's powerful, effective, life changing, awe inspiring - it's God speaking to your heart! Listen to His spirit speaking to your heart, allow Him lead you to a life of fulfilment!

On this blog, you'll find amazing and life changing content, inspired by God's Holy Spirit and based on His infallible word. Ultimately, God Our Father is glorified, Jesus Our Saviour is exalted, and the Holy Spirit Our Helper is magnified.

You'll love it here trust me, why not browse the home page here for the freshest updates...have fun!

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