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Hi, welcome to Lessons We Learn Page. Here you'll find all the updates in "Lessons learned" posts on the blog - with summaries and links to the full post.

'Lessons We Learn' is a series where we draw important life lessons and truths to apply in our lives from Bible characters and events, as well as happenings in our world today, not just in the Christian circle.
It comes up Wednesdays... Find links to earlier posts in the series below...
7 Lessons from the life and ministry of Prophet Elisha

Elisha is known in Scripture as the Prophet who took the place of Elijah after he was taken up. He is also known as the young prophet who requested and received a double portion of the Elijah's spirit.

But there's a lot more to him than being Elijah's understudy and eventual successor - he was a man whose life and ministry we could learn much from.

Here's 7 Lessons we draw from his life and ministry...
10 Lessons for Christians from Leicester City's Premier League triumph
Leicester City's Premier League win is a beautiful tale of belief. Guts. Determination. And hard work.

But beyond all the excitement and euphoria, it calls for reflection and deep thought, especially for us Christians.

It should fill your heart with hope and belief that even when the odds are stacked against you, you have nothing to fear and that you can pull through with God!
Here's 10 lessons we learn from Leicester's triumph...
The other 10 Israel spies: 7 Lessons we learn from their mistake

While at the Wilderness of Paran as the Israelites journeyed to the promised land, God instructed Moses to send some men to go survey the land He had promised them.

Moses did as he was instructed, and sent out 12 men - who were leaders of their tribes; 2 of the 12 (Joshua and Caleb) returned with a positive report, while the other 10 presented a negative report!

Joshua and Caleb eventually made it into the promised land, but the other 10 did not; what went wrong? What can we learn from their error? I reckon a lot, but here's 7 lessons we learn from their mistake...

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