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Daystar Women of Destiny Conference 2016 #WODC2016 Live Blog: Updates, Photos, Quotes, Tweets

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Day 2 starts @ 10am today and will run till 2pm... 4 hours of impact - that's a full dose!

There'll also be a Q&A (Question and Answer Interactive) Session where you'll get practical and applicable answers.

Day 2 promises to be fully packed as Pastor Nike Adeyemi, Ibukun Awosika and Abimbola Davids will be speaking.

She shared from Psalm 139:13-18 and Isaiah 55:6-11, in a message titled "You were born for a time as this", subtitled: "You are fearfully and wonderfully made".

Pastor Margaret Sowemimo was in her full prophetic mode during her ministration... God's presence was at work.

Day 1 was wonderful! Truly enriching! Music minister, Omenesa's ministration was impactful, with her strong message of hope!

20:01 - Sis Toyin takes the announcement as participants are urged to deploy their abilities and time serving with the Women of Destiny Fellowship. Closing...

19:55 - Pastor Nike acknowledges some special personalities including one of the speakers, Abimbola Davids (@Bimbola_Davids), and thanks everyone for attending day 1 of the conference

19:44 - Pastor Margaret rounds off her session with a period of prophetic ministration

19:30 - More from Pastor Margaret... "You could do what God has not called you to and succeed, but you'd be doing a GOOD thing, not the GOD thing" - insightful and instructive!

19:20 - More from Pastor Margaret... "The only thing fear gives us is torment."

19:19 - More from Pastor Margaret... "God is not slack concerning His promises...wait upon Him", she encourages.

19:18 - More from Pastor Margaret... "If you had been born in the 19th century, you'd have been a misfit. You were specifically for a time as this."

19:16 - More from Pastor Margaret... "God loves you so much that He can feel your pain"

19:15 - More from Pastor Margaret... "God knows you more than you can know yourself."

19:13 - More quotes... "You are unique in His creation, there's nobody like you."

19:10 - More quotes... "Can the creator of the universe make a mistake about your birth? God knows you by name. He knew you before you were born."

19:06 - More quotes... "Thank God that today we don't need permission to go to our King, as in the day of Esther."

19:05 - Quotes from Pastor Margaret's ministration... "Whether you were born in the 16th century or now, Jesus is the center" - powerful words!

19:05 - Pastor Margaret sharing on "You were born for such a time as this (you are fearfully and wonderfully made)".
Key Scripture: Psalm 139:13-18; Isaiah 55:6-11

19:03 - Pastor Margaret leads worship to begin her session..."oceans" by Hilsong United reverberates as hands are lifted in worship

19:00 - Pastor Margaret Sowemimo takes the stage to another thunderous. More about her here

18:58 - Pastor Nike's presents her new book, "The Lifted Mother".

18:55 - Omenesa's ministration's ends to thunderous applause as Pastor Nike takes over...

18:50 - Omenesa's life in a few words...attempted suicide due to depression...had miscarriage...repeated JSS1 five times...spent eight years in the university...almost filed for divorce from her husband...yet she's a vessel for God's use. Who says God can't create masterpieces from broken pieces!

18:44 - More from Omenesa's ministration..."Don't give up on God, 'cause He won't give up on you", she sings.
Powerful words these: "God's fire is not there to consume you, but to build you up. Even though, it hurts, go through it! You are coming out gold". - @OmenesaPearls

18:35 - Omenesa has a very moving story...she was born with Scoliosis (an s-shaped spinal cord, instead of I-shaped). Her father, a pastor, despite healing many others of different couldn't heal his daughter. Surgery after surgery couldn't fix the defect...eventually God intervened, and today she's alive to tell the tale. She goes about with a metal affixed to her back which, according to her, draws attention with its noise. But God told her that's for a testimony! Today, she can stand and proclaim God's goodness. God is truly wonderful! He's a miracle worker!

Indeed, our past, with all its ugliness and imperfections are a springboard to the greatness God wants to birth in and through us

18:30 - Brace up! Omenesa (OmenesaPearls) is about to come up...

18:27 - Offering time! "Give not out of pressure, or compulsion, but because you love God", Pastor Nike admonishes.

18:23 - "Wow"! Pastor Nike exclaims as guests (first time attenders to Daystar) are welcomed. Remarkably they are more than Daystar members! Outstanding!

18:20 - Hallelujah! reverberates around the all sit

18:18 - Conference convener, Pastor Nike Adeyemi @NikeAdeyemi on the podium to round off the worship session; and officially opens the conference with a session of prayer... "we re-dedicate our hearts to are the big God...let's fall in love with you again, Lord"

18:10 - More worship... The word says when we lift Him up in worship, He draws men (and women, of course) unto Himself. So "we bow down and worship Yahweh..."

18:05 - Correction! Margaret Sowemimo, not Abimbola Davids, will be ministering today. More about her here...

18:01 - And we're off! @HealStreams_DCC leads soul lifting worship... "Awesome God, that's who you are. Mighty God, you are the ancient of days"

17:33 - Counting down...the seats are going fast! Less than 30 minutes left now!
Hungry? Grab a snack at the food court at the mega car park just behind the main auditorium. Look out for the signs for direction.
Follow the conference on Twitter with #WODC2016

In the meantime, see the full schedule here of the conference here and read more about the speakers here...

17:07 - Attending #WODC2016? Do make sure you register before going in. It's a seamless processs.. Oh! Guess what! You'll be welcomed with a big smile! That's the Daystar way!

16:45 - Under 2 hours to go! The excitement is building...all hands are on deck to give you an unforgettable experience as you attend this year's #WODC2016 conference...Are you here?

16:10 - Pastor Abimbola Davids (@Bimbola_Davids) will be ministering powerfully in today's session. Learn more about her here...

16:07 - In less than two hours, heaven will open this auditorium as #WODC2016 begins...

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