Friday, March 25, 2016

#SSVBlogEasterSeries: Be Like Jesus

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This is Jesus
He is the son of God (the only one)
He is sinless, flawless, faultless, spotless perfect, holy...
He left His glorious place in heaven
Humbled himself
Came down to this sin-filled world,

Was born of a woman like every mortal,
Subjected Himself to His parents while growing,
Led an exemplary life,
Showed us a little of life in God's kingdom,
Taught us how to pray,
How to relate with people
How to relate with God.

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He solved all kinds of problems,
Provided solutions,
He helped,
He served,
He loved,
Made great men out of everyday folks,
Gave all of himself to mankind,
He was reviled, insulted, abused, humiliated publicly without just cause,
He was crucified,
He died, was buried in a tomb.

But He didn't remain there for long
He was resurrected by God
Then ascended back to heaven when His assignment was done.
He sits at the right hand of the Father
Far above all principality and power, and spiritual wickedness in heavenly places.
He is the head of all principality and power
His name is the highest in heaven and earth,
Today, every knee bows and every tongue confesses to His majesty, sovereignty and "almightyness"
He was, and still is, driven by love.
Love was the motivation for all He did -
The miracles, the teachings, the ultimate sacrifice.
Be motivated by love. BE LIKE JESUS.

PS: #SSVBlogEasterSeries is a series of posts to mark this year's Easter. Happy Easter!

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