Thursday, March 31, 2016

God can still create something special out of your mess!

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One of the most fascinating things I have learned in my walk with God is that He can create the most beautiful piece of music from a broken instrument! He can paint the most beautiful picture on a dirty, trashed and trampled-upon canvas! He can create the most beautiful story from broken pieces!

It’s remarkable! And refreshing, too. It tells me that God doesn’t require the best working implement to do His work. Amazing! How refreshing that is. Indeed, He can still create something special out of your mess. He specializes in using broken pieces; and I’m guessing He loves it, too.

An apt instance in Scripture would be Bathsheba, the mother of Solomon. Picture this (see 2 Samuel 11 & 12). One moment Bathsheba was bathing as the wife of a man in the army, Uriah (v 2); the next, she's "taken" to the palace to meet with the king, who then "lay with her" (v 4). She then discovered she was pregnant for a man who wasn't her husband (v 5). I imagine her world came crashing down when she learned her husband had been killed in battle (v 17). There she was, mourning her dead husband while bearing a child for another man. Everyone else (including probably family) must have assumed it was Uriah’s child, but she lived with that knowledge that it wasn't his. Then the child died (12 v 18)...try and process all that for a bit.

All this happened to one woman, yet out of her (the broken pieces of her life) came Solomon who took the throne after David, one of the greatest kings in Israel. Out of her came the man who went on to become the wealthiest, wisest and greatest man that ever lived until Jesus. Out of her came the man through whom God wrote three books of the Bible – Proverbs, Songs of Solomon and Ecclesiastes.

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Don't for once think God has abandoned you; or He'll condemn you; or He hates you or He'll push you away, never! Rather, He'll embrace you warmly like a long lost child of His, because actually you are His child. He knows all you went through, He saw all of it, but He also sees beyond all that to the beauty that lies inside of you waiting to be unleashed. He sees the giant that lies within waiting to be unshackled. Give Him your broken pieces and see the masterpiece He'll create from it. No matter how bad things are. No matter how much you think you've messed things up in your life, He's waiting with open arms, and a smile.

He won't tag or name you by what you’ve been through; He calls you who you are! He is our creator, and we are His image. Diamond doesn’t lose its "diamondness" because it was rubbed in the mud, no! It just requires some polishing and it would sparkle like the diamond it is. Similarly, you don’t stop being God’s child because you sinned or failed or messed up, you just need some polishing; in this case, with Christ’s blood. And you'll shine like the star you truly are!

I think He actually enjoys working with broken pieces, because I am one of such. When I reflect on the amazing work God's doing in and through me, I'm in awe. It's just wonderful! I always yearned to be the man God's making me into, but a couple of years ago, I feared the ship had sailed. What lie of the devil that was!

All He requires? A willing heart. God can work wonders in and through anyone - whether they call you "talentless", a never-do-well, slow, unintelligent; or you've been abused, heartbroken, unloved, violated or ridiculed - even with all the mess. He just requires a willing heart. Yield to Him, brother. Hand it all over, sister. Yes, indeed, God can still create something special out of your mess!


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