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How to maximise the internet to help your walk with God (3)

Imagine being in the land of plenty, yet suffering lack; or having access to so much, yet it looks like you've got nothing!
That is what it can be like for a Christian if you can't find your way around do I mean?

The internet (including social media) can be a source of great and wonderful resources that'll help you grow stronger, wiser and better, and more intimate with God...but only if you can find your way around this "land of plenty"...

Here's the concluding part of the 3-part series on how to make the best of your time online where Christian writers and bloggers have been sharing insightful tips with us (have you read parts one and two)...?

"It depends on the user's mindset...the internet gives me access to various versions of the Bible for broad understanding" - Esther (exceptionalstar)

Personally, do you think the internet can help our spiritual walk with God?
The internet (including social media) is an advancement in technology and communication that has come to stay. It has its positive and negative aspects depending on the user's mindset. Of course, it can greatly help our walk with God.

2. How do you personally use the internet to help you grow spiritually (do mention some websites and/or blogs you visit) or how has it helped you spiritually?
It has exposed me to various versions of the Bible for broad understanding. I also have access to various eBooks, music, blogs, podcasts and so on that have transformed my life.
Some blogs and websites I visit are: by Itunu Taiwo, she shares stories, music, book reviews, posts that encourage me to do all it takes to waltz with God; by Frances Okoro, she shares personal experience, testimonies and practical steps of living a victorious Christian life in spite of one's past.

There's, this website gives me access to an all-version Bible app, Christian books, both paid and free versions. Also,, which is a timely devotional. Then there's I fm, 92.3, Sundays from 8:30am-12 noon and every day between 7-8 pm. Podcasts of messages can be downloaded via

Esther Ugbaja is an ophthalmic nurse, writer and blogger. She loves to leave people better than I found them. She says, "My life is meaningless without Christ". Check out her blog
"If you decide to use the internet for the right purpose, you will see results" - Tosin

Personally, do you think the internet can help our spiritual walk with God?
The internet is an amazing place I must say and social media has made the difference in this generation. Social media has largely replaced our popular TV stations and newspapers. All the information you need is on social media and it is faster to access  on social media.
The internet (including social media) can definitely help our spiritual walk with God as far as you are determined to use it for that purpose.

Using myself as an example, the church I attend is in Dartford and I live in Essex and the journey to church is one-hour fifteen minutes and sometimes I miss the church bus and I stay home and watch the service.
Trust me, I receive the same blessings and miracle like someone who attended the service just by using the internet and watching the online service and doing what is said in church (remember OUR God is everywhere).

Another way the internet has helped me with my spiritual walk with God is through all the recorded sermons uploaded on YouTube. Last month I had problem forgiving people due to the fact that some people in my life had done so much to me that I was struggling to forgive them. I spoke to my mum about it and she said I should forgive as a Christian and let go. So I went on YouTube and typed “messages on forgiveness” and I found one by TD JAKES listened to it and my mentality changed and I saw reasons to forgive those people who hurt me.
I also learnt about letting go and having a clear heart, I decided to practice what I learnt on Youtube  now and I felt way better. I forgave this people and became happier.

This is a very clear way social media has improved my Christian
walk. YouTube has been of great help to my spiritual life and I
know if you decide to use YouTube for the right purpose you will
see results.
As a person you need to make up your mind that you being on all
this different social media platform is to grow spiritually and
not carnally.

You should...
Follow the right people on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram; follow the right christain blog and pages. Read what they post and leave comments that inspire and motivate others, share your testimony with others and your experience about what God has done for you. You cannot say you want to grow your spiritual life on social media and you follow gossip blog, wedding vendors, club promoters, etc., how would your spiritual be uplifted  by seeing the next party advert or by reading the latest gist in town? (lol). Follow the right people, "remember the company you keep determines what accompanies you."

How do you personally use the internet to help you grow spiritually (do mention some websites and/or blogs you visit) or how has it helped you spiritually?
YouTube is the first platform I would recommend to anyone that
wants to grow up spiritually. So many inspiring and motivating messages available there. No matter the situation you are going through there is a solution and that solution may be on that particular message on Youtube you have ignored.

Listening to the word of God and also putting it to practice has enhanced my spiritual walk (as seen in my example above).

Also, since I spend the most important part of my day at work (9am-5pm), I thank God I'm allowed to use headphones. So at work what I do is listen to sermons on Youtube and other websites, such as:
David Oyedepo(
David Abioye(
Sam Adeyemi(
Biodun Fatoyinbo(
Joseph Prince (Joseph Prince YouTube)
Matthew Ashimowo (

Additionally, Crisis proof your family, owned by Kemi Oyedepo, is one website I would recommend to you all. She speaks about family life, being single, courtship and marrriage. Follow her on social media too, she has been a great mentor to me.

I won't forget your blog, Still Small Voice Blog. You once made a comment on my blogpost and I really appreciated it and that's how we have been friends till date. Your blog is amazing and I must say you are doing very well and God will take you places before the end of this year

Oluwatosin Oshodi runs Shodi Odanshiki; she's a TV Presenter, blogger and motivational/inspirational speaker. She blogs at Tosin's World loves to motivate and inspire people to have faith in God and making a difference in our generation.

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