Thursday, November 10, 2016

Who is a Christ-like youth and how can I become one?

Youth is a gift. A lovely gift from God that determines the course of one's life.

It's a great period of adventure in a man's life! It's that time in one's life when the mind is full of wonderful ideas, when the body is full of strength, and the heart full of motivation and passion to go on and accomplish great and mighty things which the world is yet to see.

It's that period in life when you should invest your time, talents and energy in worthwhile ventures, in pursuing your dreams and making lasting impact (and not just striving to make a living).

It's when mistakes from guided experimentation and calculated risks are allowed and are less fatal (as long as you learn from them and improve).

But what exactly makes a Christ-like young people? What stands such person out from the rest, and makes him/her wear the "different" tag?

Well, here's 6 traits of the Christ-like, Christ-centered, Christ-focused youth (this is by no means exhaustive or can add other traits that you think define a Christ-like youth)...

1. Decision
The Christ-like youth has DECIDED to not follow the crowd, to not jump on the "what's trending" bandwagon, to not be swayed by "what is popular"; but instead he has taken the path less trodden, and created a unique identity for himself - an identity that amplifies his core strengths, sharpens his talents and emphasises his competencies.

While others study a course in the university or take up a career because "that's where the money is", the Christ-like youth instead decides and resolves to follow his passion and dreams God has laid in his heart.

2. Purposeful and Purpose Driven
The Christ-like young person is purposeful and purpose driven. What does that mean? He knows why he was created. He understands that there is much more to his life than just being born, go to school, get a job, get married, have kids, grow old and die!

As a result, he has discovered God's purpose and plans for his life; he is goal oriented, driven and purposeful.

3. Self Awareness
He has discovered himself and the potentials that lie within (the gems, beauties and treasures that God endowed him with), and has painstakingly worked to maximise and deploy them to accomplish purpose!

4. Leadership
He is a leader, a real influencer, a people person, a role model! Not because he has everything, but because he possesses strong character, established principles, is competent and a problem solver.

5. Value Adder
He adds value to people's life because his mind has been renewed by The Word. His words edify, uplift, enrich, encourage, gladden, soothe, bless, inspire, and correct.
The quality of his thoughts and life is beyond world class, it's heaven inspired.

6. Eternity Focused
The Christ-like youth understands that no matter what we build here on earth; no matter how great or mighty the empires we put together in our lifetime; or the impact and change we are able to cause here on earth - it will all pass away.

He is eternity focused; he understands that we are here on earth only for a time, and that the inevitable - physical death - will happen to us all (except Christ comes before then, of course).

He has therefore surrendered His life to God, and is saved and reborn! Because without being reborn, he'd spend eternity in darkness and separation from God.

He lives his life in consonance with God's word, and let's Him order His steps.

How do I become a Christ-like youth?
Here's six helpful tips...

1. Renew your mind by regular intake of God's Word and Spirit-breathed content. Your mind would be transformed according His image, and your focus reshaped.

Read your Bible, as well as Bible-inspired articles, books, blogs, etc. Also listen to Bible-based sermons and God-glorifying songs. (Colossians 3:10; Romans 12:2).

2. Deliberately cultivate holy living. Walk according to the Spirit (Romans 8:1), that's how you maintain God's presence in your life and ensure you never lose touch with heaven.

In His presence, you'll find inspiration and ideas to transform your life and that of others.

3. Build your life on the Rock of God's unfailing promises! Cultivate a life of faith in God; let God's preferences (which are communicated in His Word) order your choices and decisions - whether in the little things or the major ones of your life (career path, marriage, etc).

Have faith in God; do not rely on your understanding, your skills, your connections, the economy of the country, etc, but on the Word. (Matthew 7:24-25).

4. Be diligent in whatever you do, driven by a service mindset. You will develop competence, become a problem solver, and automatically be a leader.
You will become so important wherever you find yourself that your absence would be felt (you get there by serving and giving of yourself) - Mark 9:33-35.

6. Build Godly and God-like character. Flee youthful lusts/desires, purge yourself. Do not join the crowd to do wrong. Instead, pursue God and His righteousness. Understand that you are different. (2 Timothy 2:20-23; Matthew 6:33).
Are you a Christ-like youth? What are other traits you think makes the Christ-like youth? Please share with us in the comments section. Let's get interacting...


  1. Well spoken Michael. Keep expanding God's Kingdom. God bless you. Another Christ-like trait we ought to emulate is being mindful of our friends and acquaintances . The book of wisdom, Proverbs, says that bad company corrupts good manners. As christ-like youths, we should make conscious effort to follow people of like mind whilst not forgetting to pray for those of contrary habits. Shalom!

  2. Indeed, those we send time with (our friends, especially) have a big influence on us whether we realise that or not. As such, we choose our friends, and not them choose us. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts, Abigail.


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