Sunday, August 28, 2016

Learn from the best

Much more than to give His life to salvage humans, Jesus came to earth to introduce a new way of living to us.
Yes, He came to introduce us to a higher way of life - how it is done in heaven. He introduced us to God's standard - which is excellence (And He saw that it was VERY GOOD, Genesis 1:31).

So, want to learn to be a great brother...big sister...president...governor...servant....teacher...public speaker...pastor...son...daughter...? Then learn from the very best Himself - Jesus. He's the best role model there is!

From Him, you'd learn humility...diligence...fervency...patience...self control...people management...situation management...time above all, LOVE - SELFLESS LOVE. SACRIFICIAL LOVE.

Sit at Jesus' feet (study His word), and let Him teach you; not only through His words, but through His life and actions how to become the very best.

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What becomes of you when you learn from the very best? Think on that.

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