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Do something with what you have been given

"Then He took the five loaves and the two fish, and looking up to heaven, He blessed and broke them, and gave them to the disciples to set before the multitude. So they all ate and were filled, and twelve baskets of the leftover fragments were taken up by them" - Luke 9:16-17.

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Often, we find ourselves look at other people (mostly celebrities) and admire what they accomplish, and think "if only I had what he/she had, I could do better".
But I can hear God saying to us, "do something with what you have been given".

Jesus could easily have done that. He could have looked at the five loaves and two fish, and say something like this to His disciples: "really, guys? We're talking feeding at least five thousand human beings and you bring me five loaves and two fish. What am I to do with this?" But He didn't do that. Instead, He took the five loaves and two fish, looked to heaven, blessed it (some translations say "gave thanks", I like that better), and broke it. That same five loaves and two fish fed at least five thousand human beings.

Similarly, you have been given so much. It may took small, but when you take the step and start to do something with it, you'll be amazed at how big it actually is.

What you have been given, you ask? Again So much. Really.
Here's a few of the resources and assets you have been given...

1. Talents
Every human is a well of potentials! I'm yet to come across someone without any talents whatsoever! Or, have you? We are all gifted with one talent or the other.
And please, do not limit your idea of talents to the glamourous singing, dancing, writing, talking, acting, etc - there are many other wonderful talents than these!

Some persons are gifted at interpersonal relationship. They just have a way with people! They understand people and make friends easily.
Teaching is another - you could be a talented and passionate teacher.
God has invested many talents...painting....taking photos...playing musical instruments...listening to people (you could be a great counsellor) people. What's yours?

Find what comes to you naturally. Find your originality.
You can't fulfil purpose outside of your originality. And your originality is embodied by your talents and gifts.
Your talent will give you a voice in the world. It's what will create room for you.

2. Experience
Good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant - all the experiences you've had are resources you have been given. What will do with them?

It is said that experience is the best teacher. I reflected on this saying recently and thought, indeed, experience is the best teacher. But what if I don't learn from this best teacher? What happens then?

Having the best teacher is no guarantee that every student will learn. Learning takes a conscious and deliberate effort on the part of the student. You can be taught by the best teacher around and still not learn! Not because the teacher couldn't teach well, but because the student failed to play his part - that is, to single out each lesson, internalise and apply them.

Many people have experience, but do not have the lessons of those experiences. They learnt next to nothing from them. Which is why I do not like the idea that just because someone is older, people take it that they are wiser than someone younger!

You have experience, what are you doing with it? Do something with it!

3. Time
Another invaluable resource we have been given is time. We've heard it over and over - time is the greatest resource given to mankind (behind only relationship with God).
It's a resource we've all been given in equal measure; nobody has more, nobody has less. The question is, "what do you do with yours?"

4. Relationships
Relationships are great assets given to each and every one of us. From family to friends and work colleagues - these are wonderful people in our lives who we can leverage to fulfil purpose.

But the most important, most valuable relationship of all is with Our Source - God. Knowing God is a big, big privilege! It's the best relationship you can have. It's the greatest asset given to man - to be able to relate with God in a loving union? Nothing beats that!
Make the best of your relationship with God, leverage it to fulfil purpose. Discover, understand and walk in His purpose for you.

PS: If you do not know God for yourself, open your heart and allow Him shepherd you. Relationship with Him is the best kind there is!*

What to do with what you have been given?
Do like Jesus...

1. Look to God
Look to God - your creator and source; He gave you all that you have in the first place.
Look to Him for strength.
Look to Him for direction.
Look to Him for wisdom.
He's the One that can help you make meaning of what you have been given. He can help you weave a masterful work from your talents, experience, relationships and time.

2. Give thanks for it
Be genuinely appreciative of what you have been given.
When you develop the heart of gratitude towards what you have - no matter how small they may seem - you'll see them in a different light.

What looked like a "backyard" gift or a horrible experience will through the eyes of gratitude look like a "front porch" gift or an invaluable experience.
Give thanks to God for it. Let it flow from a heart of genuine gratitude.

3. Do something with it
What can you do with what you have been given? Serve people with them.
Serve people with your natural gifts!
Encourage and teach people with your experience!
Invest your time in people!
Leverage your relationships to help someone!

Service to humanity is the reason God distributed gifts and talents to each and everyone of us. It's through service that we find true ourselves and fulfil our potentials.

That five loaves and two fish in your hand is actually more valuable than you think. Yes, it seems small compared to what you think you need. Yes, it seems it will not be enough for all 5,000 people. But, make the step. Serve people with it. Invest it in people. Do something with it. And see what happens. Remember...

"Except a corn of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it abides alone. But when it dies it brings forth much fruit" (John 12:24).

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