Monday, May 23, 2016

Think Like God, Think Big!

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"...Go, borrow vessels from everywhere, from all your neighbours - empty vessels; DO NOT GATHER JUST A FEW." - 2 Kings 4:3.

The idea of thinking and dreaming big which us humans have only started exploring is something God has been practising since the beginning of time!

God is the biggest thinker alive! He is the biggest thinker and dreamer you'll ever know! He doesn't think in 'small' terms. He thinks and dreams big! What the French would call "Un grand penseur!"

Why God's the biggest dreamer and thinker? Here's a few reasons...

When He was to create earth, He imagined a world that would comfortably take over seven billion people, plus innumerable creeping, flying and aquatic creatures! Till today, we study this earth and call it geology. That is big thinking!

When He was to create the human brain, He imagined something that would hold tons of data, and invent powerful machinery! Till today we study this brain, calling it neuroscience. That is big thinking!

When He was to create the human body, He imagined something so sophisticated with hundreds of cells, veins, arteries, organs (big and small), bones, cartilage, tissues, etc. Till today, we study this human body and call it biology. That is dreaming big!

When He was to author a book, He wrote through 40 men, inspiring them to pen invaluable insights, as well as events spanning the beginning of time to the end of age. Till today, we study this book and call it theology. That is big thinking!

When He was to create the universe, He thought of millions and billions of galaxies! Till today, we study these and call it cosmology. Again, big thinking!

When He was to create light for earth, He came up with a gigantic "shining ball" that lights the world on its own! Till today, we've been unable to exhaust the Sun's light. Again, big thinking!

Clearly then, God does not think in small terms; He thinks big! So, as a child of God, you are not licensed to think small! It's not the culture in God's kingdom. Your "small" dream may not be stamped by our embassy; we don't dream small here, we dream big!
As a child of God, you are not permitted to churn out inferior works; excellence is the lifestyle in God's kingdom! So, go on dream big!

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Dream big, but start small
Dream big, but remember to start small. Yes, God's a big dreamer, but even He starts small, with one step.

He didn't create all seven billion humans at once! He created one (Adam), then a second one (Eve); from there it grew steadily to billions and multi billions of people who have lived or currently alive today!

Again, God started the whole nation of Israel with one man (Abraham), then another (Isaac), then another (Jacob), then from 12 sons to a whole nation today.

Again, there are currently at least three billion people who identify as "Christians", but it started with one (Jesus), then 12 (the Apostles), then about 120 (in the Upper Room at Pentecost), then 3000 converted that day; to the staggering figures we have today!

God dreams big, but starts small, with just one! Start where you are! But don't lose the dream, push till you accomplish it. God has given us the template.

Don't be afraid to dream
Never be afraid to dream! In the dream world, you don't pay airfares, so dream taking a five-day trip to the Island of Seychelles in first-class with exquisite treatment! Dream it!

In the dream world, no government policy can stop you, so dream up that business, imagine growing it to employ 1000s of people; imagine it grow into a multinational. Dream it!

In the dream world, there are restrictions, no inhibitions, so dream building that very low cost housing estate for the not-so-fortunate;
dream opening that world-class state-of-the-art medical center with free services for the poor;
dream feeding thousands, and even millions across the country;
dream clothing millions of kids;
dream providing educational materials for primary school pupils in their thousands;
dream opening that shopping mall with multiple stores where really low income earning families can walk in and buy quality food stuffs for next-to-nothing! Dream it all!

"Do not gather just a few"
The Prophet Elisha in 2 Kings 4 told the widow whose two sons were to be taken as payment for her husband's debt to "not gather just a few", even when all she had was "a jar of oil" (v. 2). Do not look at your current resources or where you are today, "do not gather just a few" - dream big!

You're emulating your heavenly Father when you dream big! He's a big dreamer! He's a big thinker! "Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus..." (Philippians 2:5). So think like God, think big!

I'd like to read how you've cultivated dreaming big in your life and how it's worked for you. Can you share it with us in the comments section?

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