Monday, April 03, 2017

Quit dwelling on the negatives

You know, there are certain not-so-good things you sometimes remember about your life and/or loved ones that can spoil your mood for the whole day. The worse thing about these negative situations that we're not happy about is that, though we wish we could, we can't help the situation. We're not empowered enough to help the situation. I have come to know what that feels like.

But what I have learned to do is that instead of dwelling/focusing on those negatives (the things that are not working so well in my life); I switch to faith, proclaiming God’s word over that situation!

Admittedly, it can be hard, with the reality of the situation staring you in the face and demanding an answer; but dwelling on the negatives will leave you drained, make you anxious, instil fear in you and, worse, make you feel like one big failure! It’s not healthy to dwell/focus on the not-so good things!

That’s not all, dwelling on the negatives will make you lose sight of the things that are actually going well for you and yours!

See, we must realise that the devil wants to get us believing it is all doom and gloom, that nothing is working well for us and it will all will end in one big disappointment. But truth is, it is NOT all doom and gloom, it is NOT all negative, it is NOT all bad; certain things are definitely going well in our lives to the glory of God.

So let’s decide to from today start dwelling/focusing on the good and great things God has done for us, the things that are going well for you and your loved ones!
Allow that swell your faith, believing that if God could do this and that, He definitely can also bring you out of the not-so-good situation.

Quit dwelling on the negatives! Quit focusing on only the things that are not working fine in your life - it’s a highway to fear and faithlessness; anxiety and self pity; depression and, in the extreme cases, suicidal thoughts.
It does not bud well for both our emotional and spiritual health.

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Think possibilities!
Think a bright and beautiful tomorrow!
Dwell on the positives!
Re-imagine your current not-so-good situation, picturing how you would feel when all become well, start now to feel that way.
And most of all, let the Holy Spirit in you paint the picture of God's planned future for you in your mind; you'd find the joy, strength and faith to keep going.

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