Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Do with me as you please Lord

Like the artist as he sculpts a statue, Lord chisel me into your image.

Like the potter as he works with clay, mould me to your vision.

Like the carpenter as he drives nails into furniture, Lord hammer me into shape.

Like the seamstress as she fashions dresses, Lord weave me into your image.

Like the builder as he lays bricks in place, Lord set my life up as you please.

Lord take my life and let it be
A pleasing sacrifice to thee
Wholly and completely I surrender to thee
To your will...your plans...your leading
To all that you would have me do.

Lord, I want to fulfil the very purpose you made me
Lord, I make you my anchor
My hope for all time
From now to the end of days.

Just as you held nothing back
So I do again today and for all time
I surrender all, holding nothing back
Take my life and let it be
Do with me as you please Lord.

Help me to always please you
Help me to always do your will
Even when it is not convenient
Even when it proves costly.

For you O Lord are exalted
Above all else, you are glorified
None else is deserving of my worship
None else is deserving of my devotion.

For all time Lord, I want to worship you;
In the fullness of your grace and mercy
Please accept imperfect, flawed, mortal me
And my token of worship this day.

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