Thursday, January 05, 2017

Naïve faith: Faith like a child

"Assuredly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will by no means enter it" (Mark 10:15).

Reading John's account of Jesus feeding the Five Thousand (John 6:1-14)... I think the young lad whose 5 loaves and 2 fish were multiplied might not have been the only one in the multitude who had some food on him. Possibly, a few others in the multitude also had some bread and fish, but they did kept it for themselves, except for the kid. (See how his selflessness blessed everyone.)

Christ meant every word when He said only those who receive the kingdom of God like a child would enter it...what did He mean? Only those who have faith...that naïve kinda faith....that child-like faith which, on the surface, appears stupid, yet holds on to God's every word.

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What do I mean? Children exhibit the kind of faith that we adults (I'm not an adult o, I'm a CHILD of God. Besides, Moses, Aaron and co were called CHILDREN of Israel even in their old age. Loool) are most times not capable of; that kind of faith that believes all things...
that kinda faith that does not try to apply logic or "common sense"...they just believe...they express what we can call naïve faith.

Naïve: "too willing to believe that someone is telling the truth, that people's intentions in general are good, or that life is simple and fair. People are often naïve because they are young and/or have not had much
experience of life"
(Cambridge dictionary).

It is only a child that you'll promise a thing, and immediately s/he would get excited about it and start imagining having the thing, regardless of whether you're capable of fulfilling the promise or not. Even if you promise the kid an airplane, he'll go around telling his/her friends that my mummy or daddy, or uncle or aunt will buy me airplane. Any adult around who hears the kid saying that will just grin, believing that the kid has been deceived.

I remember when we were kids, we used to believe we could be anything. I mean, literally anything! All we had to do was imagine it, and we would believe it would come to pass. We had that naïve faith...we believed.
But as we grew, life happened (as some put it) and we lost that faith that believes all. And that affects our relationship with God.

Think about it...was it "wise" that the young boy gave up his five loaves and 2 fish (which was probably his lunch!) to Jesus' disciples? They couldn't have taken it off him forcefully, could they? If so, it means he handed it to them by choice!
Doesn't it seem rather "stupid" of the kid to do so? I mean, what was expecting to happen to his loaves and fish? Return to him after he gave it to the disciples?
Was he actually expecting the miracle that followed? Maybe! Did he know if Jesus could multiply his loaves and fish? Probably not.
He just believed. And gave up his loaves and fish.

The kid didn't even try to be "smart" and say, "you can have three loaves and one fish, let me keep the remaining for myself. You know, just in case something goes wrong", like we do sometimes with God. No! He didn't do that! He gave ALL he faith. Such naïve faith!

I have realised that "Faith makes a fool of what makes sense...", and that GRACE takes over where LOGIC ends. Indeed, the kid's faith in Jesus made a fool of any wisdom he could have applied, because surely he eventually ate more than five loaves and two fish, following the multiplication.

This year and beyond, have faith (that BELIEVING ALL kind of faith) in God and in His promises no matter how lofty they may seem. Have faith to the point that you do things that appear illogical, things that defy human reasoning on the instruction of the kid who gave up his loaves and fish...
PS: if you're reading this, it means we both made it to 2017! Congratulations! A big e-hug, plenty kisses and dozens of high-fives from me to you. We're standing here only because He made a way.

I'm super excited about 2017, I really am...why, you ask? 'Cos it surely will be my best year yet. No kidding. I believe it, you should too. God always, always, always has great and wonderful plans for His children, the question is: do you believe? I may not know exactly what the year holds, but I know exactly who holds the year and controls the heart of men! That would do for me!

It's a question of your faith in Him, not of His faithfulness to you.
It's a question of what you believe about Him, not what He thinks of you.
It's a question of what you confess and profess about yourself, His Word is clear and cannot be broken. He loves you to bits, and has great thoughts and plans for you...that applies even in this 2017 and beyond!

So, get excited about this year, raise your hopes up, have some doses of "Faith Pill" (His Word) and get really "high on hope and faith".

Many cross over into a New Year physically, but remain in the past year (and/or years) in their minds, worrying and thinking about the failures of the previous year(s).

This year please, don't do that to yourself! The past year (s) is/are BEHIND you, leave them there - in the past. Focus on what's to come! Anchor your hopes on Jesus, He doesn't disappoint (He's never disappointed me! Ever!).
2017 will be your BEST YEAR YET in Jesus' name. (Did I hear an 'Amen'?)

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