Friday, December 23, 2016

One last surprise awaits you!

There may only be a few days left to the end of 2016, the remaining few days translating to only some hours (it may seem), which appears to not be much time for something great to happen this year.

But trust me, and I really believe this, there's still, at least, one last surprise left for someone somewhere who is still holding on to God's promises!

There's still, at least, one last surprise for someone somewhere who still believes...for someone who hasn't drawn the curtain on the year, and say, "that's it for 2016"!

"To Him who by means of His power working in us is able to do much more than we can ever ask for, or even think of:" - Ephesians 3:20 (GNT).

God, indeed, is able to do MUCH MORE than you or I can think, imagine, pray about...even if it's only days left till the new year.

Is there something you're trusting God for this 2016?
Is there some promise He made to you regarding this year that is yet to see the light of day, ensure you do ALL He asks you to do...then, trust Him to bring to pass.

Personally, I still have some things I am expecting from Daddy. Yes, I realize it's only days till we all chorus "Happy new year", but who says it can't happen in the remaining days! Besides, the Lord controls the time and days, as well as the hearts of why can't it happen in the 8 days left?

So, I refuse to draw the curtain on the year just yet...
I refuse to say, "well, maybe it's not happening this year, let's look forward to 2017", no!

Rather, I choose to believe...and hold on I choose to believe that, according to His word, nothing is too hard for Him!
...because I know He can do MUCH MORE than I can ever think...imagine...ask...desire...hope...dream...envision. He can do SO MUCH MORE than my, and your, mind can grasp.

He is able to give last surprise! You only have to believe.

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