Monday, November 28, 2016

Stop living like no one in the world cares about you!

Imagine for a moment that you know no one anywhere who cares about you, or about what you do or fail to do.
Imagine for a moment that you know regardless of what you do, no one feels hurt or pained, or even concerned about how you're living your life.
Imagine that for a moment...that no one anywhere thinks you've got any value, and that you're a complete write off; how would you live your life then?

You'd live recklessly? Not minding what anyone says or thinks about you? You'd go about pleasing yourself, and indulging in what your heart desires? Expectedly.

Now, scratch that thought and imagine for a moment that you know someone somewhere really cares about you....
that someone somewhere loves and cherishes you...
that someone somewhere thinks you are to die for...
that someone somewhere thinks you are worth all he's got...
that someone somewhere thinks so highly of you that he sacrificed his all just to have you...
What difference would that make to how you live?

You know, this saying is true...the value you attach to a thing is determined by the sacrifice you are willing to make to have it.

I can tell how much you want something by what you are willing to give up to have it. Because, ultimately, life is full of options, and we have to make choices and live by them. We can't always have all. And we have to sacrifice one/some thing(s) for others.

Let me ask you this: if someday you realise that someone gave up all he had just for the chance of a relationship with you, would it change your approach to life?
Would it change your thought pattern?
Would it change how you see yourself?
Would it change how you treat others?
More importantly, would it change how you see that person who gave up all for you?
Would it change anything...even slightly?

Well, someone somewhere actually sacrificed everything... just for you....just for the chance of a relationship with you. Who is this someone? Jesus, the Christ. He sacrificed His ALL...for you and me.

Tell me honestly, what value do you think He attaches to you that He gave His life for you? Based on what He sacrificed, that is His everything, do you think He thinks highly of you?
Do you think He values you?
Do you think He loves you?
I reckon He does! I reckon He thinks you're worth dying for! I reckon He thinks you're the most valuable "commodity" on earth.

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If certain individuals could lay down their lives in the struggle for emancipation from colonial forces in the 19th and 20th centuries; and others could fight with all they've got to the point of death for freedom to exercise their basic rights in revolutions...'s because they understand and appreciate the value of independence and freedom, and as such, are ready and willing to sacrifice their lives to achieve it.

Again, value attached determines sacrifice...

Considering Jesus sacrificed all for you think He cares about you? Oh! He certainly does!

So, stop living like no one in the world cares about you, because the truth is someone does, His name is Jesus.

Embrace Him today and get to know a love like never!
You know what I've found in life? You think you know love until you know Jesus.
You think you've experienced love, until you experience Jesus. Then you realise, you're only just starting!

He cares about you, sis. He thinks highly of you, brother.
Stop living like no one cares, Jesus does; He cares about you. Stop living recklessly. Stop living in sin. Stop short changing yourself.
He has laid down His all for you, will you embrace Him? Devote yourself to this someone who's simply and totally devoted to you. Jesus cares. Really.

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