Thursday, May 12, 2016

What the Bible really wants you to know about God: He's not mad at you, He loves you to bits!

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When we paint God as someone who goes about with a book in hand to record our rights and wrongs, just waiting for us to slip so He'll put it down and punish us accordingly, we grossly misunderstand Him; and it makes building an intimate loving relationship with Him impossible!

That false idea makes one give up trying, because you find yourself constantly failing at measuring up to a perfect holy being who you imagine is always mad at you, and looking at you with contempt for constantly failing and falling below His high standard.

That false idea also paints God as some perfect holy being who just sits up there in heaven and dishes out instructions to His creation on earth who He feels are not worth His time, emotional investment or attention!

But God's nothing like that! Granted, He has pretty high standards! He's perfectly holy, without blemish, and full of light and truth!
The brightness of His presence lights up all of heaven! Picture that!

Yet, He understands we are not perfect (though He created us perfect), and that we would one way or the other fall; as a result, He has forgiven us by paying the full price for all our wrongs - death. All the wrongs you would ever do has been paid for in full by God Himself and you need not be burdened under the weight of your wrongdoings.

To understand God, you must see Him in the correct light - that He seeks an intimate one-on-one relationship with you, me and every single person; a relationship built on the correct knowledge of who He is - a loving, gracious, yet holy and principled God. He just wants a chance to love you!

When you come into a relationship with Him by accepting His free gift through faith, He seeks to get you to a place where you depend "child-likely" on Him; then He puts out your impurities, blemishes and flaws, calm your fears, wipes your tears, and pours out His love in your heart by His spirit.

He does the heavy duty work for you; all you really get to do is pick up His light yoke - that's grace, which is all you'd be needing - and let Him shepherd you. After all, it is finished.

Do not allow the devil feed you his usual lies, he's so full of them.
Please believe this: God is NOT mad at you!
God is NOT disappointed in you!
God has NOT left you to yourself!
God has NOT turned His back on you!
You are NOT too far gone!
You are NOT irredeemable!
You are NOT the worst, you've probably made bad choices which can be reversed with good ones.
The ship has NOT sailed, love; grace is still knocking at your door, make this one good choice - open up.

God loves you to bits! In fact, He's head over heels in love with you! He wants you to know that!

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