Monday, May 09, 2016

My God, My Everything: Recounting all that God is to me

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My God has been everything to me in my walk with Him; this is recounting all that He is to me...

My God, my life: in His hand, my life is hidden and safe.
My God, my hope: God in me, the hope of glory.
My God, my joy: He has adorned me with the garment of praise, singing, dancing and rejoicing.
My God, my love: He loves me to bits, there's no greater love than that He showed me. I love Him because He first loved me.

My God, my meaning: in Him I live, move and exist: without Him I'm nothing.
My God, my keeper: I'm the apple of His eyes, He won't let anything harm befall me.
My God, my shepherd: He leads me through it all.
My God, my potter: He formed me in my mother's womb.

My God, my strength: In my weakness, I have His strength to keep me going.
My God, my sustainer: He upholds me by His mighty hand.
My God, my confidence: I have no fear of what tomorrow brings; His word is sure!
My God, my peace: He gives me peace that defies logic!

My God, my victory: He makes every mountain plain before me.
My God, my source: from Him I draw all that I am.
My God, my trust: He has never disappointed or failed me; it's not in His nature.
My God, my healer: He took my infirmities and bore my sickness.

My God, my provider: He supplies all my needs according to His abundance.
My God, my storm calmer: He calms my fear whenever my heart is troubled.
My God, my focus: my eyes are firmly fixed on Him.
My God, my instructor: He says, "go right", I turn right. "Go left", He says, I turn left.

My God, my compass: His word is my life's map, I won't miss my way!
My God, my rest: He took all my heavy burdens; all I bear now is His light yoke.
My God, my salvation: He gave himself to salvage me!
My God, my sanity: He helps me keep it all together.
My God, my faith: His spirit births faith in me.

My God, my protector: He is my Lord, a shield for me.
My God, my glory: He lifts my head.
My God, my rock: On Him, I build my world.
My God, my deliverer: He rescued me from the jaws and claws of the destroyer.

My God, my beauty: He covers me with the beauty of His presence.
My God, my maker: fearfully and wonderfully, He made me.
My God, my teacher: He has taught me how to live a more fulfilling life.
My God, my inspirer: when I've felt like giving up, He has spurred me on.

My God, my way maker: even where there seems to be no way, He creates a pathway for me.
My God, my cheerleader and number 1 fan: He believes in me and cheers me on.
My God, my admirer: He tells me how beautiful I am, and reassures me I am enough!
My God, my help: from whence comes my help? My help comes from the Lord.

My God, my friend: He's been there through thick and thin; rough and smooth. He's held my hand all the way.
My God, My father: He adopted me and cares for me spiritually, physically, emotionally, mentally, financially - in every way.

God has indeed been my everything. I am sure if I think deeper I will come up with even more of what He has been to me.
Do you know Him for yourself? Know Him, know true peace.

What has God been to you in your relationship with Him? Do share with us in the comments section.

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