Monday, February 06, 2017

What frequency are you tuned in to: the 'what ifs' of fear or faith?

The 'what ifs' of fear...
What if you try and you fail woefully?
What if you invest that money in business and it all goes down the drain?
What if this sickness will lead to death?
What if after studying hard you still fall short?
What if your marriage deteriorates further?
What if something goes horribly wrong on the way?
What if the board thinks your idea is rubbish?
What if you lose this job?
What if your kids never change and continue their wayward living?
What if you are rejected and your business goes bankrupt?
What if it all goes horribly wrong?

These and the likes are the 'what ifs' of fear...this is what you hear when you tune in to The Fear Channel...this frequency plants seeds of doubt, unbelief, depression, worry and complaining in you...

...but scratch all that...let's tune in to a different frequency - The Faith Channel, I particularly like this channel...this frequency plants seeds of hope, belief, desire, inspiration, motivation, confidence; you hear things like...

What if you try and succeed beyond your dreams?
What if you invest that money in the business and record huge profit?
What if you get well and enjoy divine health?
What if after studying you come out with exceptional grades?
What if your marriage changes for the better?
What if the journey goes smoothly?
What if the board thinks your idea is great and bankroll it?
What if you're promoted and get an unprecedented raise?
What if your kids become reborn and live Spirit-filled, Bible-based, heaven-focused lives?
What if you make a huge sale and your business starts recording profit?
What if it all goes incredibly well?

Just as there are many different channels on your radio, and you have the luxury to choose which one you tune in and listen to, so also you have the power to choose which frequency - whether fear channel or faith channel, you tune in and listen to.

Now, take a moment and reflect, what if everything turns out well? Picture that possibility in your mind. Picture you taking delivery of all God's wonderful promises!
...Hold on to that picture in your heart; don't let it slide! How does the you in that picture feel? Positive? Upbeat? Optimistic? Confident? Hopeful? Grateful?

How do you look in that picture? Happy? Fulfilled? Loving? Healthy? With a smile?

Starting today, practice being that person you see in the picture in your heart!
...think like that like that you...walk like that like that you...act, help, give, worship and love like that the picture when all your dreams come true.

But know that no matter what you face, or what faces you...God has not given us the spirit of fear, but the Spirit of power...of love...and of a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7)...and of adoption, thus, we can call Abba Father (Romans 8:15).

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