Saturday, September 10, 2016

Jesus: the thread that holds everything in place

This beautiful illustration of my life and Jesus' place in it just dawned on my heart this afternoon while reflecting and gave me a fresh understanding, and a new appreciation of me.

You know, there's this indescribable feeling you get when you realise someone considers you really important and valuable to them. Now, imagine such one is Jesus! Imagine what He thinks of you! When you realise what He really thinks of you, you'd feel like I do now... 'kingly'....that's how I feel writing this. It's so refreshing!

So, here's the beautiful illustration as it dawned on my heart (I'm not sure if I captured all the emotions and imaginations in these words, though, but I hope it ministers to you)...

Picture this: My life is like a piece of cloth, with layers and sophisticated patterns.
On closer inspection, there appears one particular thread that runs through the whole length and breadth of it - from beginning to end - it is ever present.

They tried pulling the left side of the cloth away, but this thread holds it in place; tried pulling the right side, the same thread holds both in place.
Tried pulling the cloth apart from the top; tried also from the bottom, same thread holds everything in place.

They tried cutting through repeatedly, but the thread just won't let it happen, it held everything together.
Every attempt at pulling the cloth failed, because of this single thread that runs through the cloth.

This thread that runs through all my life and holds everything in place is Jesus.

No matter what I've been through; no matter of how many "pulling apart" or "cutting through" attempts the devil has made, Jesus has held my life in place.

Even before I knew Him, He's been working in and through me.
Before I even acknowledged Him, He's been perfecting His work in my life.
While I was yet to accept His offer, He demonstrated His love for me and gave me His best. Scratch that, He gave His all for me. He gave His life. On a cross. For me. Who does that but Jesus!!!

And guess what, this is not limited to me alone. Really.
The same is true for you if you believe in Him and trust Him with your life.
Look closely in your life, you'd realise there's a thread running through and holding everything in place.

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