Saturday, September 03, 2016

Jesus is God revealed

"...He who has seen me has seen the Father..." - John 14:9.

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Jesus is the God REVEALED. He reveals what God is like to us. He is the full display and embodiment of all that God is - His character, nature, power.

In Jesus, God's plan and purpose for mankind is fully manifested. And through Him, God will bring every of His thought to pass.

Whatever cannot be attributed to Jesus, cannot be attributed to God. Likewise, all that can be attributed to Jesus can be attributed to God, too. They are one and the same; "I and my father are one", He said.

All we did not know about God until Jesus is revealed fully in and through Him. Also, whatever we need to know about God will be found in and through Jesus.

If you know Jesus, you know God. If you do not know Jesus, you do not, and cannot, know God.

Not only is Jesus THE way to God, He is God!
Not only is Jesus THE saviour of the world, He is God!
Not only is Jesus THE CHRIST, He is God!
Not only is Jesus THE truth, He is God!
Not only is Jesus THE son of God, He is God!

Do you know Jesus? Do you have Him in your life? The first step to becoming all that God has in store for you is knowing Jesus. Without Jesus, you can't fulfil God's purpose for your life, because they are one and the same. He is the God revealed!

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