Friday, April 01, 2016

Yay, April is here! A good time to take stock? I think so

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A happy new month to you all!
Wow! It’s April already? You mean we’re past the first quarter of 2016? Hmm, time flies indeed.

Do you remember when 2016 looked like a planet away? I do.
Do you also remember when you were writing down your goals, hopes, expectations, desires and projects for 2016, and you were earnestly praying to God to make the year a good one? I do. Vividly, even. It’s still fresh in my mind.
Now, we’re firmly in that 2016, passed the first three months and staring squarely at the remaining nine of the same 2016.

And before you know it, we're bidding farewell to 2016 and welcoming ourselves into 2017; drafting new plans, goals (and for some, 'new year resolutions'); with hope and expectations for a good year. Another 365 days (366 in the case of 2016) gone. Almost in a blink!

Really, the year is not so young anymore. I would find it pretty awkward if someone told me "happy new year" at this time, even if we were seeing for the first time this year. That would feel weird.

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Here is a good place to take stock
I think we’re at a good place to slow down for a bit and take stock of the year so far.

One of the biggest mistakes one can make in life is to keep running not realizing you’re on the wrong route. It’s potentially disastrous.

Maybe we should slow down for a moment and evaluate these first three months to see how far we've come and how far we've to go still.
I think this is a good place to ask ourselves pertinent questions, and answer them honestly.

Ask some key questions
There are times when you have to come out of yourself (not literally, of course) and look at your life. Consider what you're doing right or not doing right. This seems like a perfect time.
And ask: Have I made progress in any area; how much progress and in which areas of my life? Is that the best I could have made?
Am I still on track with God's plans for me, or have I missed the plot somewhere? Do I need more clarity?
What are the things I need to change or do more consistently?
What have I been doing with the bulk of my time? Who have I been spending time with? Who have I been listening to?
Have I become better by virtue of the sermons taught thus far, or have I remained the same despite all the messages I have listened to?
If I go on like this, where would I be by the end of the year?

Maybe. Just maybe...
Maybe you need to spend more time with God.
Maybe you need to pray more consistently.
Maybe you need to read and study the bible more.
Maybe you need to read or listen to more edifying books and audio material.
Maybe you need to reach out more in love.
Maybe you need to be more diligent at work or your business.
Maybe you need to spend more time with family.
Maybe you need to plan and manage your time better.
Maybe you need to be more grateful.
Maybe. Just maybe it's time to start that project God birthed in your heart you've been putting off since the beginning of the year.
Bottom line? Evaluate. Take stock. Ask key questions.

Don't beat yourself up, you haven't failed
If from your evaluation you realize you've not made the best of the year so far, don't beat yourself up, you haven't failed. Learn from it. Retrace your steps.
Let God birth new fire and passion in your heart. You may never recover lost time, but you can make the best of what's left. You can’t alter the past, but you can do a lot about the future.
I pray April bring you more clarity about God’s will for you, favour to accomplish it and treasured moments. Happy new month once again!

Know more questions or have more thoughts we could consider to help us take stock better? Please, share 'em in the comments.
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